How to keep up your Momentum in School

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Keeping up momentum as end-of-term approaches is a common struggle that many teachers and students find. Hence, at the end of the Term, our steam-engines are naturally starting to slow down. We may find ourselves slacking on assignments, forgetting homework, or not following through with lessons. This is a good time for teachers and students to become aware of any challenges they have in order to surpass them.


Firstly, whether you’re a student or teacher, it is helpful to have your own planner. Planners are a forgotten and over-looked tool by many. During the end of the term, many of us experience fatigue and lack of motivation. Therefore, assignments may be coming up that we have a hard time tracking or planning. Writing down everything in your journal at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day is helpful for balance and organization.

Next, making sure that you have enough relaxation is necessary for your well-being. As the assignments pile up and the final projects/tests continue, we tend to delegate less time to relax and do nothing. Doing nothing is an art that many neglect. We are so used to always moving around and doing something, that we forget to feed our soul by doing nothing. Whether it’s reading, writing, coloring, or doing art – make sure that you give yourself some time to be by yourself. Allowing yourself release from the everyday stress is therapeutic and important.

Don’t let the situations around you dull your shine. Remember that every moment is only as powerful, intense, exciting, or stressful as you let it be. Remember to give meaning to the things that make you happy, and let the rest float away.



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