BC Dogwood Diploma Program



Our School follows the new BC Curriculum, where student engagement, reflection, and group work is emphasized. We strictly stand by the standards of the BC Education System, and require students to have 80 credits for Graduation.

We offer a regular High School Graduation Program, with two full semesters per school year. Our main intakes are in Fall (September), and Spring (February). Students may also choose to join our Summer Intensive Courses in July. 

Students may take up to 12 courses per year, allowing them to complete the high school curriculum in 2 years. Then, Art students can focus on their portfolio preparation in the third year.


Graduation Requirements

Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
English English English
Social Studies Social Studies Graduation Transitions
Mathematics Mathematics Art
Science Science Elective
Physical Education Elective Elective
Career Life Education Elective Elective
Elective Elective Elective
Elective Elective Elective

Elective Art Classes (28 credits)

Course Course
Art Foundations Industrial Design
Art History Interior Design
Art Studio Media Arts
Drawing and Painting Photography
Graphic Design Sculpture
Fashion Design Digital Character Design
Illustration Portfolio Preparation

*Each high school course listed above provides 4 credits toward students’ graduation. Students are required to have a total of 80 Credits in order to graduate from our high school.
*Canada Royal Arts is fully certified by the BC Ministry of Education. Graduating students will receive the BC Dogwood Diploma.

Other Requirements

    • One of the above electives must be a Fine Arts or Applied Skills course
    • 30 or more hours of work or volunteer experience
    • Numeracy Assessment (Provincial exam)
    • Literacy Assessment (Provincial exam)

Course Details

The English courses encourage students to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, analysts, and compelling writers. We place emphasis on critical thinking and independent thought. Students will become knowledgeable in a variety of literature, therefore expanding their creative thinking.

Course Name Credits
Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10 4 credits
Pre-calculus 11 4 credits
Pre-calculus 12 4 credits
Foundations of Mathematics 11   4 credits
Foundations of Mathematics 12  4 credits
Calculus 12 4 credits
Course Name Credits
Science 10 4 credits
Biology 11  / Life Sciences 11  4 credits
Biology 12  / Anatomy and Physiology 12 4 credits
Chemistry 11 4 credits
Chemistry 12   4 credits
Physics 11 4 credits
Physics 12 4 credits
Course Name Credits
Composition 10 2 credits
Creative Writing 10 2 credits
Literary Studies 10 2 credits
Spoken Language 11 4 credits
New Media 11 4 credits
Composition 11 4 credits
Creative Writing 11 4 credits
Literary Studies 11 4 credits
Communications 11 4 credits
Composition 12 4 credits
Creative Writing 12 4 credits
Communications 12   4 credits
Course Name Credits
Social Studies 10 4 credits
Explorations in Social Studies 11  4 credits
Physical Geography 12 4 credits
Comparative Cultures 4 credits
Course Name Credits
Art Studio 10   2 credits
Art Studio 11 2 credits
Art Studio 12 2 credits
Art Sampler 11 4 credits
Animation 4 credits
Art History 4 credits
Drama 4 credits
Graphic Design   4 credits
Industrial Design   4 credits
Jewelry Design 4 credits
Photography 4 credits
Sculpture 4 credits
Course Name Credits
Japanese 9 4 credits
Japanese 10  4 credits
Japanese 11  4 credits
Japanese 12    4 credits
Mandarin 10 4 credits
Mandarin 11 4 credits
Mandarin 12 4 credits
Course Name Credits
Work Experience 12 4 credits
Information & Communications Technology 10   4 credits
Economics 12    4 credits
Course Name Credits
Physical Education 10 4 credits
Career Life Education (formerly Planning 10) 4 credits
Graduation Transitions   4 credits
Due to concerns regarding the well-being of our students and staff, Canada Royal Arts has transitioned into online classes.
The school will be closed until further direction from the Ministry of Education.
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