Activities of the Month – January Activities

The start of 2018 was a busy and eventful time. The month of January was filled with many events, examinations, and activities. To kick off the new year, Canada Royal Arts High School students worked hard to complete their Term 1 courses. Consequently, below are a few exciting activities that occurred during the month of January.

January Activities

1) Ice-Skating at Richmond Ice-Center Richmond Ice-Center offers free public skating from 1PM-3PM during the week. It is conveniently located at Riverport in East Richmond, alongside Silvercity Cinema’s, Extreme Airpark, and Planet Lazer. We left the school at 1:30PM and had the chance to enjoy a nearly empty ice-skating rink.

2) Cellphone Awareness Presentations
Our teachers care about the health and well-being of the students. Healthy cellphone usage and screen time has been a concerning issue for many people, regardless of age. Gina and Dan, two of our wonderful staff on hand, worked together to prepare an interactive and artistic lesson. The purpose of the lesson was to get students creating visual representations of cellphones. As a result, students were thinking about healthy cellphone usage and what it meant to them.

3) Creating Ice-Cream Sundae’s
There were many last minute assignments and exams at the end of the term. All this work called for some sweet treats and relaxation. Students and teachers had a fun time creating their own ice-cream sundae’s. Some toppings available were brownies, M&M’s, whipped cream, hazelnut wafers, and your favorite flavor of Neapolitan ice-cream.

4) Clip & Climb
Our students (and a few lucky teachers) experience rock climbing like never before! Clip & Climb is an exciting and interactive jungle gym that allows participants to climb challenging obstacles, independently. Clip & Climb harness technology is simple and easy to use. Just clip yourself to your favorite obstacle course, and let the harness support you as you climb.

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