Anti-Bullying Day at Canada Royal Arts High School

Anti-Bullying Day is every February 28. Students, teachers, and parents across Canada wear a pink t-Shirt to raise awareness about bullying.

Since 2007, the pink t-shirt has been a symbol of love and support. Wearing a pink t-shirt encourages students to become aware about the affects bullying has on others. Students from across Canada wear a pink t-shirt to raise awareness about bullying in schools, workplaces, and also online. Students are encouraged to be active and report bullying. Therefore, they are taught not to be bystanders.

Anti-Bullying Day has brought awareness about the negative affects of bullying.

  • Cyber bullying has been an increasing concern. The ‘hidden’ bully is harder to find when online. One chilling story is that of Amanda Todd, and her battle with cyber bullying and harassment.
  • Bullying victims have many negative side affects. They lose interest in school activities, are frequently late or absent, and have lower grades.
  • 71% of teachers state that they stop bullying. However, only 25% of students say that teachers actually stop bullying.
  • More than 50% of students do not report bullying to teachers.

Students at Canada Royal Arts High School spent the day decorating their own Pink T-Shirts for Anti-Bullying Day. Everyone expressed their creativity as they decorated their t-shirts to represent the theme of anti-bullying. Our students used a mixture of acrylic paint and a fabric paint medium to paint on their own pink t-shirts. 

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