Art Sampler Showcase – Meet the Teachers

Canada Royal Arts High School is a progressive, arts-focused high school. Most noteworthy is the emphasis that we place on the students’ artistic expression and creativity.  We want to give our students the knowledge and experience to become confident in whatever they choose to pursue. Hence for Term 2, the Art Sampler course will give students exposure to the top fields in the art industry.

Students will get an introductory glimpse into Digital Media Basics, Graphic Design, Fashion and Fashion Illustration, Animation, Architecture, and Publishing. Each month they will learn from an expert in the industry and complete final projects. Students will create quality work that can be used in their art portfolio’s.

Meet The Teachers

Marina Katic

February – Marina Katic, Ph.D and a Masters degree in Digital Arts and a Diploma in Advertising and Design.
The first month of the Art Sampler course will showcase the talents of Marina Katic. Students will be learning about graphic design and digital media basics. They will gain an introduction into Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

March – Nina Kuznetsova, Master’s Degree in Fine Arts, Graphic Design at Kyiv National University of Tech. and Design.
Next, we will have Nina instructing for the month of March. Students will be learning about Fashion and Fashion illustration. This coincides perfectly with Fashion week in March.

Nina Kuznetsova

AprilCliff Garbutt, Bachelors in Art and Design.
Cliff has over 25 years of digital Animation experience. He is an expert in storyboarding, illustration design, and animation. As a result he has worked for many famous networks such as CBS, ESPN, and Disney. Students will be learning about Animation basics and storyboarding while using professional programs such as Adobe Aftereffects.

May – Sherif Tarek, Vancouver Film School.
May will be another month of learning. Students will learn the basics of Architecture and also life-drawing.

June – Gina Leon
Lastly, the month of June will give students an introduction to Publishing. Students will learn the process of developing their own completed published works.


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