Our New School Uniform!

Along with our new location, we’ve introduced new uniforms to our students. Not only are they stylish, but more importantly, our school uniform exuberates unity and pride. The new uniform was designed with input from our very own instructors and students, they took months of planning and modifications, but we’re very happy with the final…


Anti-Bullying Day at Canada Royal Arts High School

Anti-Bullying Day is every February 28. Students, teachers, and parents across Canada wear a pink t-Shirt to raise awareness about bullying. Since 2007, the pink t-shirt has been a symbol of love and support. Wearing a pink t-shirt encourages students to become aware about the affects bullying has on others. Students from across Canada wear…


Activities of the Month – February Activities

February was a beautiful month that came with some of the coldest temperatures. Among the snow and freezing wind, students at Canada Royal Arts High School participated in a variety of activities. The Activities of the Month ranged from relaxing yoga to active team-building games. Check out what our students have been doing for February!…


Art Sampler Showcase – Meet the Teachers

Canada Royal Arts High School is a progressive, arts-focused high school. Most noteworthy is the emphasis that we place on the students’ artistic expression and creativity.  We want to give our students the knowledge and experience to become confident in whatever they choose to pursue. Hence for Term 2, the Art Sampler course will give…


How to use Doodlenotes to spice up your learning!

Traditional note-taking can be boring, meticulous, and tiring. Doodlenotes is an active, fun, and visual learning method for note-taking that can spice up your learning! Taking creative notes and doodling with lots of colors and illustrations not only helps you focus, but also improves your memory, concentration, and understanding! Why Doodlenotes? Using Doodlenotes will improve…

Due to concerns regarding the well-being of our students and staff, Canada Royal Arts has transitioned into online classes.
The school will be closed until further direction from the Ministry of Education.
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