Rafael Zen

COVID-19 News / April 9th

  In times like these, we face a new question: How do we create a learning community when we can’t be together? Our ability to inspire students will be one of the most important aspects of our daily routine. As authorities worldwide attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus, more than 420 million students…

Why go to an Arts School? 3 reasons that will make you choose creative education

  Allowing students to become dreamers and visionaries, Arts-based schools have lasting benefits beyond school years developing personality, also improving cognition and communication   : :   Arts are essential to the human experience because they challenge us with different perspectives of the world and ourselves, teach us how to empathize with diversity and give…

Due to concerns regarding the well-being of our students and staff, Canada Royal Arts has transitioned into online classes.
The school will be closed until further direction from the Ministry of Education.
#StayPositive #StayCreative #StayHome