The Positive Benefits of Field Trips – Our Trip to UBC!

School-wide field trips help create natural dynamics and relationships within the school atmosphere. As a result, students get to know their peers and teachers outside of the academic environment. Engaging students in a variety of different activities outside of the traditional school setting can facilitate healthy behaviors and relationships.

Our students visited the University of British Columbia (UBC) to see the Beaty Biodiversity Museum. The purpose of the field trip was to support the learning curriculum in Science 10 and Biology 11. In addition, we divided our students into groups and took them to visit other areas of UBC. We visited Irving K. Library, Sauder School of Business, and the UBC Bookstore. It was a long travelling day for everyone.

At Canada Royal Arts High School, we believe that field trips create novel experiences that lead to many positive benefits. Check out how our school creates hands-on learning through field trips!

The Positive Benefits of Field Trips for Students

  1. Real-Life Experience & Adaptability

    The goal of our UBC field trip was to visit the Beaty Biodiversity Museum and get to know the campus for future prospective students. The real-life experience that the students gained was more than just the Museum visit. Field trips teach students how to be successful, confident, and independent adults in the real world. It is one thing to learn about how society works from the classroom. But actually going out into the world creates unexpected situations and unknown circumstances that everyone needs to learn to adapt to. As a result, students learn many applicable life-skills. Also, students experience how to use the transit system. They plan to have enough change for food and bus. Lastly, students recognize familiar buildings and structures in order to navigate themselves in an unfamiliar environment. Becoming an independent and confident individual takes more than being book smart. It requires someone who is capable to adapt to situations and be willing to face the unknown. Consequently, field trips build a street smart sense within students that develops character.

  2. A Huge Brain Break

    We can all agree that nothing is as fun as actually experiencing the things you’re learning about yourself. Taking students out to field trips allows them to experience valuable lessons in a relaxing environment. Especially relevant is the connection between learning and brain breaks. Brain breaks are used in classrooms to let students relax and re-focus on the task at hand. When we’re sitting for a long period of time out body gets too comfortable and therefore, tired. Having an active body leads to an active mind. Hence, field trips are huge brain breaks for students that promote an active and engaged learning mindset.

  3. Promotes Positive Relationships

    Always seeing your teacher and friends in a school setting can sometimes make it difficult to relate to them. Canada Royal Arts High School values the importance of positive, all-inclusive, healthy school relationships. Our students and our school is our family. There will be tough moments and there will be successful moments. Regardless, a strong relationship that is built on trust can go a long way. At our school, we take the time to get to know each student and acknowledge where they’re at. No two students are the same, and the teaching shouldn’t be either. Enjoying extra-curricular activities or field trips with teachers and students creates caring relationships that help support the learning environment.


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