About Us

We are an arts-based high school in Vancouver that has already established a record of excellence in getting students admitted to some of the best arts universities in North America. This is why we believe in the power of creativity: by allowing students to become dreamers and visionaries, our method has lasting benefits beyond school years developing personality, self-esteem and self-expression skills, also improving cognition and communication.

According to renowned educational guru, Sir Ken Robinson, the preoccupation of most schools with STEM subjects kills their students’ creativity. His TED Talk on the subject has been viewed over 25 million times. Canada Royal’s aim is to reverse this trend and integrate the arts across the curriculum in an interdisciplinary approach turning STEM into STEAM.

“My contention is that creativity now is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status”  –  Ken Robinson

Individual assessments to enhance student skills

Customized instructional activities

Flexible semester system

ELL classes to improve English skills throughout the year


Because of industrial educational systems, people are being taught out of their creative capacities. Our Mission is to inspire students, their families and our community into sensitive practices that allows us to reimagine the future together – developing academic skills but also self-expression, communication, hands-on creativity, respect for diversity, critical thinking and emotional intelligence.


The future will not be for those who only memorize and take notes – but for those who make the rules, break the patterns and trust their feelings. Our Vision is to be a visionary arts-based school that allows students to live in a respectful, artistic and creative environment where they are not afraid to be themselves, to express their thoughts and to master their talents. Academically, our goal is to have every single student accepted by their dream university, especially in creative fields such as Arts, Design, Architecture, Science and Engineering.

Arts-based, hands-on, creative education

Respect for cultural diversity

Build your artistic portfolio while still in High School

Your st_art to a creative life


I. Art is a way of seeing and a way of living. Art is Life.
II. Feeling cannot be apart from Thinking in educational practices.
III. We believe in experimental methods that allow students to think art-culture-society-education beyond traditional limits.
IV. Our school is a place for all students because we teach the power of dialogue, respect and diversity.
V. Learn together – dream together.
VI. Our students are not numbers but individuals who feel the world through experiences, co-operation and sensitive thinking.
VII. Innovation encourages students to explore, research and use all possible tools to discover new solutions. Therefore, innovation is something that grows within.
VIII. We want our students to develop their own tools to write their own stories.
IX. We think of arts, school, future, poetry, innovation, dreams, sensitivity, laughter, and feelings as part of the same exciting thing – Life.

We exercise the power of dialogue

We provide a safe place for students

Why watch when you can create?

Prepare for your best creative career after high school