Our Art Courses – What Can You Learn?

We’re one of the only Arts-Oriented High School in Vancouver Area. We are proud to have amazing, very experienced art teachers and we offer different art courses every year. In this blog post you will find out what kind of topics are covered in classes and what you can learn as our student. Art Education…


Interview with our Fashion and Industrial Design Teacher

Recently new teacher has joined our team. We are super excited about it because for the first time now we have Fashion and Industrial Design Courses! Mrs Sally agreed to answer a few questions so you can get to know her better 🙂 Learn more about Mrs. Sally Karimi here! Where are you from, what…

“Respecting YOU and ME” – A Healthy Look at Respect & Boundaries

#RESPECTYOUANDME is initiative started by redcross.ca, which aims to educate students about healthy relationships. Their approach teaches others about appropriate ways of communication and behavior in relationships. They teach others about embracing your own self and acting with respect. What can you learn? The Language of Consent Learning the right words to communicate how you…

How to keep up your Momentum in School

Keeping up momentum as end-of-term approaches is a common struggle that many teachers and students find. Hence, at the end of the Term, our steam-engines are naturally starting to slow down. We may find ourselves slacking on assignments, forgetting homework, or not following through with lessons. This is a good time for teachers and students…

Due to concerns regarding the well-being of our students and staff, Canada Royal Arts has transitioned into online classes.
The school will be closed until further direction from the Ministry of Education.
#StayPositive #StayCreative #StayHome