CIRA Faculty

At Canada Royal Arts, we emphasize the importance of having experienced, passionate, and innovative leaders who will inspire the next generation of learners. We are proud to present our dedicated faculty and team, each with a unique set of abilities and strengths that cultivate the culture of learning at our school.

Mr. Darling

Head of School

Mr. Darling graduated from the University of Oxford with a BA (Hons) in Modern History, MA, and a Post-graduate Certificate of Education. He also holds an MA in Canadian History from Simon Fraser University and a Diploma in School Leadership from the Canadian Association of Independent Schools (CAIS). He is a BC certified teacher with twenty-five years’ experience in the Vancouver independent secondary school sector both as a teacher and administrator (Head of Grade at St. George’s School, Principal at St. John’s School). He cares greatly about encouraging all students to identify their strengths and to follow their passions. He is keen on sports, photography, reading, travel and also on taking on new challenges in life.

Ms. Karimi

Ms. Karimi has a Bachelor of Art in Industrial Design, Master’s Degree in Industrial Design and Diploma in Fashion Design. She was selected in the top 5 students in the country, she was admitted as third-ranked Iranian industrial design student in Tehran Amirkabir University of Technology. As a top student in her faculty, she has extensive experience in sewing, patterning, prototyping, painting, graphic design and other professional techniques.

Mr. Wang

Mr. Wang

Mr. Wang holds two degrees from UBC – BA and B.Ed. He has also completed the CMA, CPA AP and was offered a scholarship for his MBA at NYIT. He specializes in teaching Business Education and English as a Second Language. Moreover, he has taught at Dalian Maple Leaf International School, School District 39 Vancouver, Vancouver College and has several years of tutoring experience in teaching both high school students and adults. He has taught IELTS, TOEFL, LPI, SAT and all of the ELL levels, both for Richmond and Vancouver schools.

Mr. Roy

Mr. Roy

Mr. Roy has a Bachelor of Education with a science, math, and geography focus from the University of Manitoba. He has taught high school students a variety of science, math, as well as other subjects for over 19 years, which includes two years teaching in New Zealand. He strives to build a positive relationship with all of his students by finding out what their dreams and passions in life are, and then encouraging and supporting the further development of those dreams through the courses he teaches. His passion is teaching, learning with, and empowering the next generation. Mr. Roy uses a variety of teaching styles to allow each student to learn in their own preferred way while encouraging everyone in his classes to push and stretch themselves in order that they may grow in new and exciting ways.

Ms. Lal

Ms. Lal has a Bachelors of Education and Arts from Simon Fraser University. She is an educator with a strong belief that teaching includes more than just relaying information. She strives to develop a community of forward thinkers and has a fulfillment from seeing her students grow. From working in various learning centers in the past 9 years, Ms. Lal has been given the opportunity to teach ELL students and students with exceptionalities; from this, she has learned both to reflect on and adapt her instructional practices to support the needs of all her students.