Our Homestay Program creates an opportunity for cultural exchange between Canadian families and foreign students who attend the high school. Homestay students are placed in caring homes that enable them to make a comfortable transition into Canadian life. Students create life-long lasting relationships that they will remember wherever their next adventures take them. 

Living in a private home, sharing meals and engaging in recreational activities together goes far beyond the experience offered in the classroom. It has been proven that students learn English quicker when they are in a Homestay environment.  

The Homestay Process

Canada Royal Arts students applying to the Homestay program must complete the application from and return it, along with their homestay fees.

Students who do not pay the placement fee and deposit at the time of application will not have a homestay arranged for them. Please note that a linited number of host families are available and that students will be placed on a first-come-first-servced basis. 

Furthermore, students should give as much information as possible when they are filling out their Homestay application. This information makes it easier to find a good match for the student and host family. As a result, students will be given profile’s of their potential host family to see if they would be a good match. We encourage students to apply early to the program so that our homestay coordinator will have time to find the best possible match for each person, and to help ensure that students will have host families immediately upon arrival in Vancouver. 

If a student is not satisfied with a host family within the one week of stay and has a valid reason, the student will be placed with another family at no additional charge.


The student will communicate with the Homestay family and is encouraged to ask questions or clarifications about anything that is not understood. The Homestay student will respect their Homestay family, treating their home with appropriate respect and care.

The Host Family will provide the Student with written house rules that the Homestay Student will respect and follow.

  1. The Student will share the same responsibilities to the Host Parents and to the general household as those held by the family’s own children of similar age.
  2. The Student agrees to follow all house rules regarding behavior, curfews, attendance at meals, etc. and to occasionally share in the performance of household duties normally undertaken by the household’s own children.
  3. The student will respect the rights, privacy, and the religious and political beliefs of each of the members of the household.
  4. The Host Family agrees to provide guidance and supervision to the Student consistent with that which would be provided by a careful and prudent parent.
  5. If the Homestay Student is coming home later than expected, they will phone the Homestay family as soon as possible to let them know of their whereabouts and estimated arrival time.
  6. The Homestay Student will refrain from bringing smokes or alcohol into the home without the permission of the Homestay family. Since most families do not allow smoking in their homes, smoking will not be permitted unless otherwise stated.

The student will keep their bedroom clean and tidy, making sure to clean up any messes, spills, or food that would disturb the orderly environment of the Homestay family.

  1. The Student will be provided with a key to the house (and to their bedroom, if a lock is installed).
  2. The Host Family will provide a clean, orderly, pleasant and safe living environment for the Student.
  3. The Student must have a private bedroom with natural sunlight, a desk, chair, dresser, closet, night table, lamp, and bed.
  4. The Host Family will not enter the Student’s bedroom except in emergency circumstances.
  5. The Student will not enter the bedrooms of any Host Family members without permission.
  6. The Host Family must provide a lock for the Student’s bedroom if the Student makes such a request.
  7. The Student will provide the primary host with a copy of the key to their bedroom door if this door has a lock fitted.
  8. The Student will have access to a private or shared bathroom that is clean and hygienic with adequate fixtures that are in good repair.
  1. The Student is not responsible for purchasing their own linens, blankets, towels, etc.
  2. The use of family toiletry articles (such as shampoo, soap, etc) is open to Students, but, if they have special requests or needs in a particular area, they must pay for these themselves. The Homestay Student must supply their own personal toiletries, such as toothpaste and deodorant.
  3. Student will have access to laundry facilities.
  1. The Student is responsible for their own mobile phone costs. If the Student and the host agree to the Student having their own telephone line, the Student is responsible for all costs incurred including installation and monthly charges.
  2. The Student will be provided basic Internet access at no cost, subject to reasonable limits on data usage.
  3. The Homestay Student will use a phone card for making long distance calls if they care calling directly from the Homestay phone.
  1. The use of the family television, Internet, stereo and other such household items is under the control of the Host Parents.
  2. If it should become apparent that the Student should be spending more time studying and doing schoolwork (as reflected in school marks, comments), use of these items may be restricted by the Host Parents.
  3. The Student understands that s/he is ultimately responsible for all of his/her own personal entertainment costs and personal supplies, including school stationary supplies.

The Host Family will provide a variety of nutritional, well-balanced meals on a three-meal per day basis.

  • Junk food and dietary supplements are not included within the contractual agreement.
  • Allergenic and diet-sensitive products such as dietary supplements, vitamins, lactose-intolerant or diabetic replacement foods are the responsibility of the Student to purchase.
  1. The primary language spoken in the Host Family home will be English.
  2. The Homestay student will work hard to adapt to Canadian culture.
  3. The Homestay student must be enrolled and actively attending full-time classes while staying with their Homestay family.
  4. The Host Family is not responsible for housing the Student’s visiting family members (if any) during the year unless otherwise agreed.
  5. The Student will not invite visitors/friends into the home to visit or study unless given specific permission to do so by Host Family.
  6. The Student will never have visitors/friends stay overnight in their bedroom or elsewhere without prior permission from the Host Family and Homestay Coordinator.
  7. The Homestay student must keep the Homestay family details private, understanding that private information is protected under the privacy act.

The Homestay student will submit all payments directly to the Homestay family. Payments are to be made in advance one month prior to the arrival. See Homestay Coordinator for appropriate payment due dates.

  1. No Homestay fee re-funds will be granted to students who decide to leave the program within the first four months.
  2. The Homestay Student must replace or pay for any damage to Homestay home that may have occurred as a result of negligence or misconduct.
  3. The student must acquire complete medical health insurance coverage prior to leaving their home country, or upon arrival in Canada. The host family cannot assume responsibility for expenses due to a students illness or other medical emergencies.

It is the responsibility of the Homestay Student to contact the Homestay Coordinator if there are any difficulties and request assistance when deemed necessary.

  • The Homestay Student must abide by the terms and conditions in this agreement. Failure to do so may result in removal from the program, and in extreme cases, being sent home.
  • Students must respect the recommendations, suggestions, and decisions of the Homestay Coordinator in assisting to resolve any difficult situations. This may include, if needed, finding alternative accommodations.
  • Students must do their best to make this unique Homestay experience positive. REMEMBER: The Homestay family is offering their home and volunteering their time to maximize the experience of your stay. They will treat you as a member of their own family, and be courteous and respectful to you and your wishes. In return, it is polite and your responsibility to do the same. You are not staying in a hotel.

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