How to use Doodlenotes to spice up your learning!

Traditional note-taking can be boring, meticulous, and tiring. Doodlenotes is an active, fun, and visual learning method for note-taking that can spice up your learning! Taking creative notes and doodling with lots of colors and illustrations not only helps you focus, but also improves your memory, concentration, and understanding!

Why Doodlenotes?

Using Doodlenotes will improve your learning. Doodlenotes and doodling encourage both parts of your brain (left and right) to be used at the same time. The left brain (logical side) is stimulated through facts and information, while the right brain (creative side) is stimulated through colors and drawings.

Furthermore, doodling increases your concentration because it stops you from zoning out (or falling asleep!) when the class gets too boring. Doodling while taking notes increases your focus!

Doodling can be used with any subject and are a fun way to get creative. This is what you can do to get started!

How to use Doodlenotes to help your learning:

STEP 1: Choose your Paper Type

You can write your notes on many types of paper. Try blank, lined, or even grid paper. Choose which paper type suits your needs.

STEP 2: Gather your Colors

Having a variety of colors to spice up your Doodlenotes will make note-taking more fun! Use lots of colors to add detail to your notes or emphasize main points.

STEP 3: Have a Black Pen Handy

Having a black, blue, or red pen handy will help to accentuate your notes so that they are easier to understand.

STEP 4: Have fun!

Be creative, write down the most important information to you, and organize it on your paper in a way that makes sense to you.

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