Online Learning – A Message from David Darling

In 2020, we were all shown that Co-Operation and Responsibility (two of our main values) are important assets to feel togetherness. Times like these show us that we are one large global community and that we need to take care of each other.

Because we care about our loved ones, we protect them. And thinking about the well-being of our students and staff, Canada Royal Arts has transitioned into online classes since March 17th. We do it because it is the responsible action in a moment where health and love come first.

This is a new ground to explore – and we will go through it exercing our creative vision and ability to communicate and be heard. Here, our Head of School Mr. David Darling sends a message to all of our students and their families about what we can discover together transitioning our pedagogic method online.

#StaySafe  #StayHome  #StayPositive  #StayCreative


Our Head of School Mr. David Darling sends a message about online learning to inspire our students and staff

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