Our Art Courses – What Can You Learn?

We’re one of the only Arts-Oriented High School in Vancouver Area. We are proud to have amazing, very experienced art teachers and we offer different art courses every year. In this blog post you will find out what kind of topics are covered in classes and what you can learn as our student.

Art Education is personalized with the aim to provide students access to high-quality arts education through access of variety of art courses. Interdisciplinary art course focus on individual discovery, and expression.

Art courses topics:

  1. Art & Visual Culture foundations (fundamental works of art and design from diverse cultures and chronological periods)
  2. Art History (from Ancient to Middle ages, Modern and Contemporary)
  3. Graphic Design
    -business cards
    -other elements of branding
  4. Visual storytelling (a story to read and illustrate, explore personal meaning in the narrative sources)
  5. We develop unique Artist’s Sketchbooks (ideas, thoughts, feelings and image making through investigation of a broad range of materials and traditions)
  6. Painting (exploring different oil techniques and genres)
    -still life
    -conceptional painting with acrylic
  7. Illustration (graphical interpretation of text and film creating your own fantasy paintings working with appropriated imagery). Collage, and painting mediums such as oil, acrylic, gouache and watercolor.
  8. Art Portfolio
    -anatomy in motion
    -portraits (a character, a caricature, observational drawings, learning from history and modern)
    -advanced art studio (portfolio students only, who already took Art Foundations)
    -plein air (Copying classical or contemporary landscape artists and exploring personal perceptions of the natural world. Outside the studio)
    -graphic arts (Explore variety of graphic mediums, like charcoal, ink, pencil, pastel, crayons)
    -foundations of perspective and architectural drawing (with the completion of making a 3D model project)

We take pride in offering a variety of immersive courses and electives that cater to anyones interests and needs. Apply today! 🙂

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