Introducing Our Brand New Campus

Since the beginning of the 2018 academic year, we’ve moved to a brand new location at 896 W 8th Avenue (West Broadway neighbourhood). We wanted to provide a bigger space and more facilities to help our students thrive in their everyday studies, so our new building has a total of 6 floors which consists of an abundance of spacious classrooms, computer labs, student lounge/cafeteria, assembly space, kitchen, etc. Our classrooms are all fully-equipped with art supplies to help students materialize their limitless imaginations.

At our soft opening, we were able to give parents and teachers a full tour of the place and share with them our future plans to expand further. The turnout was incredible, and we were so happy to see how content everybody was!

We’re beyond excited to be starting this new chapter, and hope to see more artistic students joining us in the future!

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