Our New School Uniform!

Along with our new location, we’ve introduced new uniforms to our students. Not only are they stylish, but more importantly, our school uniform exuberates unity and pride. The new uniform was designed with input from our very own instructors and students, they took months of planning and modifications, but we’re very happy with the final outcome and our students are very enthusiastic about them too. After a whole day of fitting and choosing, our students will start wearing their uniforms to school every day very soon!

We held a uniform fitting day to accommodate students’ needs and provide them with a choice of different styles to choose from. For the summer, they will have polo or dress shirts on top. In the winter, students will have the choice of adding a layer of a sweater on the outside. As for the bottom, there are choices of pants or skirts for our students. Of course, all pieces of clothing are in our school colours of purple and yellow.

We’re all so excited to be seeing them on our students and they are just as excited to be representing our school! Look out for us!

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