Canada Royal Arts High School Scholarships

We offer scholarships for students who display an aptitude in a variety of settings. Scholarships are offered for outstanding academic achievement and extra-curricular involvement. This scholarship is meant to reward applicants for their efforts in and outside of the school community.

The scholarship is available to selected applicants as a deduction of tuition fees. Students can apply for scholarships before the start of the semester.


Any students who show strong academic performance in all subjects or one particular subject, athletics, talented in science, arts, active in extra-curricular activities such as volunteering, leadership are eligible for Scholarships.

In order to be considered, the potential candidate must prepare a Scholarship Package.

The Scholarship Package must contain:

  • Record of rewards, certificate, portfolio, achievements, recognition from extracurricular activities, and related materials (if any)
  • A copy of your Official Academic Transcripts;
  • A letter of intent
  • Portfolio descriptions (if apply for art talented scholarship)


Step 1: Check if you are eligible for the scholarship.

Step 2: Prepare the necessary materials required in the Scholarship Package.

Step 3: Submit your completed Scholarship Package by filling the form below or:

  • e-mail-
  • Mail – 896 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3Y1 Canada
  • In-person at the mailing address.

Step 4: Continue checking your email for our response. Any potential students will be invited (in person/online) to an interview in order to solidify Scholarship eligibility.

Scholarship Form