The Cultural Exchange Pen Pal Activity by Ms. Yoshimi Komoto

Ms. Yoshimi Komoto has been visiting Canada Royal Arts High School for the past month. She is facilitating cultural exchange activities between Canada and Japan. Yoshimi is a brilliant artist and has many years of art teaching experience in her home town.

As part of the cultural exchange program, Yoshimi led her first activity with the students at Canada Royal Arts High School. In order to do this, she organized a  Pen Pal activity. This activity connected students at Canada Royal Arts High School with students at her high school, Yamada High School.

Yoshimi has been doing an amazing job at our school. Her wonderful energy and positive smile makes a great contribution to our learning environment. As a result, our students will be able to make meaningful connections with other students around the world. Creating lifelong memories and appreciating other cultures develops well-rounded and mindful students. Due to teachers like Yoshimi, our students will develop the skills and confidence needed in today’s modern day.


Pen Pal Activity – Find Your Art Mate!

Each student received a puzzle piece and had to illustrate, draw, or write something about themselves on one half of the paper. Students are encouraged to illustrate their likes, hobbies, and Canadian culture. As a result, the completed puzzle pieces will be sent to Yamada High School. The students in Japan will complete the other half of the paper and send it back to us, in Canada.

The cultural exchange Pen Pal Activity will be completed in about two weeks. Our students will be patiently waiting to see who their Art Mate is from Japan!

Check out the photos below to see what our students have been working on.


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