Why Choose Us

Comprehensive assessments
that reveal a student’s inner potential. Students will be assessed individually to enhance their understanding of themselves and individual goals, skills and potential capabilities.

Customized instructional activities that align with a student’s potential and learning objectives. Our experienced teachers design their curriculum to meet the needs of each student’s learning goals.

Flexible school system that allows enrollment year-round. Students can join our ELL class to improve English anytime of the year and start the High School Academic Program for the next intake (Sep, Jan, May or July).

Accelerated learning allows our students to complete the high school curriculum within 2 years. Art students can focus on their portfolio preparation.

Personal guidance that ensures all aspects of safety and healthy development. We closely observe students’ social and emotional needs and provide timely guidance to foster healthy adolescents.

Frequent communication with parents. We involve parents in their children’s academic performance and social activities through regular reports and periodic visual communications.

Small class sizes (maximum 1:15 teacher to student ratio) allows teachers to establish a close relationship with each student and to offer indivisualized attention.

Our convenient, safe and central location in the heart of Vancouver near the Cambie Skytrain Corridor (closest station two blocks away) and the Broadway express bus route (one block away) gives students easy public transit access to Richmond, Downtown Vancouver, UBC, Burnaby and Vancouver International Airport.

We are one Culture

We take pride in our unique culture. Once you enter our school, you will feel the diversity, creativity, and fun in the air.


Students will find themselves studying with classmates from many parts of the world. They will have a chance to learn and develop social skills in different contexts. Upon their graduation, they will develop the capability to be recognized and accepted in a multicultural society.


Our school is specialized in fine arts. In the hallway, you will find many artworks created by our students. The students will be inspired by our school’s environment, teachers as well as their peers. We help the students to develop critical and creative thinking through our people and environment.

We Cultivate Value of Care

Once a student is enrolled in our school, we treat the student with love and respect. CIRA High School cultivates this mentality into all of our teachers and staff. We have dedicated staff to ensure all of our students are safe, respected and recognized.

We are friends with our students

Everyone needs a friend to rely on. At CIRA High School, we are here when students require assistance for any matter. We encourage students to interact with one another and our staff.

We share our student successes

Recognition is essential for students’ growth. We share our students’ achievements with their peers in the school, online and to the community at large.

We act as surrogate parents 

We continually provide effective and transparent communication with parents through various channels regarding student’s’ performance and achievements. Our teachers and staff are here to help with additional questions parents may have as well.

Convenient Location

Our school is centrally located in the heart of Vancouver – Cambie Corridor which is the key development project for Vancouver’s future. The school is within 12 minutes walk from Cambie Street and Broadway Skytrain Station. It is accessible directly from Burnaby, UBC, Richmond and Vancouver Downtown. We are surrounded by prestigious professionals working for Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver City Halls and local successful business owners.  Along with our security, it is clear that our students are in protection, safe and developed area.

Due to concerns regarding the well-being of our students and staff, Canada Royal Arts has transitioned into online classes.
The school will be closed until further direction from the Ministry of Education.
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