Why go to an arts school? 3 reasons that will make you choose a creative education


Allowing students to become dreamers and visionaries, an arts school is proven to have lasting benefits beyond school years developing personality, also improving cognition and communication


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When we think about an arts school, we acknowledge that arts are essential to the human experience because they challenge us with different perspectives of the world and ourselves, teach us how to empathize with diversity and give us the opportunity to reflect on the human condition.


If having sensitive intelligence presents several benefits to adults, imagine what it can do to children and teenagers. Studying at an Arts School, the student’s imagination will be key in experimental methods that allow them to think art-culture-society-knowledge beyond traditional limits.


And here is the thing about imagination – it depends on creativity. The way someone thinks about dreams, goals and future plans is linked to the way that person creatively thinks about life and the world.


Since we know Arts allow students to express themselves better than math or science, practicing Creative Thinking will help them develop critical thinking to take risks, build self-esteem, be independent and learn the ability to find various solutions to a problem.


And this is why we believe in the power of Creative Education.


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_____ Arts as a learning experience: we believe in Creativity

WHO WE ARE    A private school in Vancouver offering Grades 08 to 12 through an Arts-oriented curriculum that appeals to students interested in pursuing creative careers such as: Visual Arts, Fashion Design, Music, Cinema, Game Design, Architecture, Graphic Design, Digital Media, Advertising and more.

With strong portfolios, our students have been accepted to some of the best arts universities in North America: Parsons School of Design, Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Ontario College of Art and Design, University of Toronto, California College of the Arts, and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

We not only teach – we dream together. Parents, students, teachers and staff are constantly thinking of ways to improve our educational methods. Here, we believe in a simple equation: Education equals Participation.

This means that we believe education has to be hands-on, collaborative and based on real thinking. The future will not be for those who only memorize and take notes. It will be for those who make the rules, break the patterns and master their feelings.

WE BELIEVE    In Creativity because it helps students solve problems in all areas of life and work in a more effective and complex way. This means a creative education will increase the chances of a more successful future.

_____ Three Reasons to Apply to an Arts School

WHAT WE KNOW    Having an arts-based method has benefits not only for children taking the program, but for their future and for society in general. Nurturing creativity in all forms helps students to reach their full potential, which goes beyond the school years.

Whether you are a creative young artist, a big dreamer or a parent concerned with your children’s future and career, we show you three arguments on why APPLYING TO AN ARTS SCHOOL NEXT TERM.

Arts education has lasting benefits beyond school years

WHAT WE KNOW    Creativity is an essential human activity (especially in the 21st Century) and children are all inherently creative, so parents should want to develop that skill in every step of a child’s development.

Overall, art education does more than just give students a creative outlet. It can actually help connect them to the larger world, ultimately improving community cohesion.

“Art and creativity can be taught, and the added benefit of nurturing creative thought is that it benefits other areas of learning. It makes us think outside the box – beyond any technical ability needed to produce the art.

The arts help kids because they are idea generators. Learning within the arts gives kids skills to overcome adversity, and become more resilient”


In a world of Automatism and Mental Issues, every student should develop Character and Personality


WHAT WE KNOW    An educational method that inspires students will make them not only see the school’s environment as a place to study. They will also see it as somewhere they can think, question, bond, laugh, create, express themselves and feel the world to fullfil their dreams.


This means Feeling cannot be apart from Thinking in educational practices. We believe in sensitive learning because we understand the complexity of human nature and each student’s inner-self.


Because an artistic school space will develop a broader, more nuanced understanding of the world – building up critical thinking – the students will be more likely to:


⦁ Build confidence
⦁ Raise self-esteem
⦁ Learn perseverance
⦁ Ignite inner motivation
⦁ Learn how to develop emotional intelligence
⦁ Give space for personal reflection
⦁ Be encouraged to exploration and experimentation
⦁ Nurture self-expression, self-discovery and personal meaning
⦁ Increase social engagement


Creativity is known for improving Cognition and Communication

WHAT WE KNOW    Research connects creativity to verbal memory, second language pronunciation accuracy, reading ability, and executive functions in youth.

Finally, the arts are valuable not only as stand-alone subject matter. They are the perfect link between all subject matters – and a great delivery system for these concepts, as well.

It is also true that communication may be the single most important aspect of a successful career. We build our real and digital worlds through communication and students learn self-expression skills by studying arts. This is because the arts transform thoughts and emotions into creative thinking.

In a word full of trained professionals and educated workers, creativity is one of the top skills that sets someone apart from the pack. Of course, being qualified in your field is important. But having the ability to think imaginatively and bring fresh ideas to the table are essential to innovation and progress.

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Therefore, it is easy to understand why an Arts School may be the right step into a better future. It helps not only with a successful career but with a healthier life – mentally and socially.


Want to study in a school that values your dreams and vision? APPLY HERE and take the Royal Path to creativity to start developing your sensitive and artistic skills next term.

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