May 11, 2023

Top 5 Coffee Cafes in Vancouver

Vancouver is a city that offers a plethora of coffee shops and cafes, each with its unique charm and character. Whether you are a student, a digital nomad, or simply a coffee lover, you will find the perfect spot to indulge in a cup of joe while enjoying the city's picturesque views. In this blog post, we will introduce you to the top five cafes that are worth checking out in Vancouver. These cafes have been carefully selected based on their ambiance, quality of coffee, and overall experience they offer. Get ready to explore Vancouver's coffee scene and find your new favorite spot!

1. 49th Parallel Coffee & Lucky’s Donuts

The first one in our list is a place not only for coffee lovers but for those who love donuts as well. 49th Parallel Coffee is a well established coffee place that has a long history of satisfying their customers with their own roasted beans and a donut to pair. Whether you are grabbing your morning coffee, a box of donuts for gatherings or simply purchasing their fresh beams, this Italian-owned coffee shop is a fan favorite by many in the city. With multiple locations across Vancouver, its hard to miss the opportunity to check out this café. 

2. Lumiere Cafe

Opening earlier this year, Lumiere Cafe is our newest addition to the list of outstanding coffee flavour, decor, service and overall experience. One of their biggest strengths lies in their sophisticated in-house roastery. Unlike traditional coffee shops and cafes where they either have a supplier of beans or own a roastery outside of the city, Lumiere Café roasts their own beans directly in their location. This equals fresher beans to use on espresso-based drinks and drip coffee. Combined with freshly steamed milk, their café latte and cappuccino can easily satisfy even the most particular coffee palettes out there.

3. Breka Bakery & Cafe

This wildly popular café-chain cannot be excluded from the list! With its multiple locations around Vancouver, Breka Bakery is a household name within the city because of its huge dessert & pastry menu. From donuts, to home-made sandwiches to croissants and to a variety of cakes, the list goes on. Additionally, this is one of the only cafes in Vancouver that operates 24/7; which means people have access to their favourite treat anytime they want. It’s a great place for those late-night sweet cravings. 

4. La Foret Cafe

The next one on our list is located outside of Vancouver and the area of Burnaby. Though it's quite far compared to the others, the accessibility is not a problem because of its convenient location between the Metrotown and the Royal Oak station. This café boasts an impressive interior and decor. Apart from the coffee that they serve, La Foret offers waffles, bingsoo (shaved ice cream), breakfast and brunch and a lunch and dinner menu. Their menu is huge and attracts all kinds of people who love food, dessert and snacks! Thanks to their popularity, the café is now looking to expand its locations in Metro-Vancouver in the near future. 

5. Angus T

Last one on our list is a small yet infamous among croissant and cinnamon bun lovers in Vancouver. Unlike the other cafes in the list, Angus T primarily focuses on the art of croissant and cinnamon bun making, serving it with coffee from Milano roastery. They serve a wider range of fresh, in-house made croissants that satisfy those with savoury and sweet palettes. On top of that, their cinnamon buns are a delight to have because of their freshness. Their location in the Yaletown area is quite unique due to the open kitchen it has; customers can get a glimpse of the croissant-making process while they dine in. In addition, Angus T also opened up a second location in the Park Royal plaza in West Vancouver. Both locations have been a success and the company has secured a place within the hundreds of cafes in Vancouver. 

Vancouver boasts a thriving coffee culture, and five standout cafes deserve special recognition. 49th Parallel Coffee & Lucky's Donuts offers a winning combination of expertly roasted beans and delectable donuts. Lumiere Café impresses with its in-house roastery, ensuring fresher flavors for their exquisite coffee creations. Breka Bakery & Café is a popular 24/7 destination, satisfying sweet cravings with a wide dessert and pastry menu. La Foret Café, though outside Vancouver, attracts patrons with its impressive décor and expansive menu. Angus T shines among croissant and cinnamon bun lovers, offering a unique dining experience with their artisanal pastries. These cafes showcase Vancouver's diverse and vibrant coffee scene, catering to a range of tastes and preferences.

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