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Canada Royal Arts High School


The founder of Royal High School is Mr. Meng Weizhang, a renowned Canadian educator and parenting expert. He is a member of the American Psychological Counseling Association, the inventor of the Future Potential Assessment System, a life planning mentor, and has served as the chairman of the organizing committee for eight UN World Youth Painting Competitions and the chairman of the UN World Outstanding Youth Review Committee. Mr. Meng Weizhang has assisted thousands of students in gaining admission to world-renowned schools, earning scholarships totaling over 10 million USD. Currently, he serves as the principal of Royal High School, the dean of the Royal Academy of Arts in Canada, the dean of the Columbia School Planning Institute, a guest professor at Peking University's Bohua College, and an expert at the Yuanpei Wisdom Library.

Mr. Meng Weizhang's main achievements include multiple awards from the Vancouver government for social contributions, being named one of Canada's top ten Chinese news figures in 2014, and being recognized as a pioneer figure in the Chinese community in 2018. He has also been received by the vice-chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and participated in the global Chinese Spring Festival Gala. After more than 20 years of research and the analysis and development of over 600 pieces of big data for future potential assessment, he invented the unique Meng's Potential Assessment System, helping thousands of children discover their potential. He has also published a 100,000-word monograph titled "Making it Easy for Average Children to Enter World-renowned Schools." 

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The main teaching building of Royal High School is located at 896 8th Street in the West Central area of Vancouver. It is easily accessible with the skytrain, an 11 minute walk and  convenient with bus stops nearby. It is a six-minute walk to the seaside, six-minute drive to Granville Island and two minute walk to a rich variety of dining options on the popular street of West Broadway. 


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What makes us different?

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Our Mission

Because of industrial educational systems, people are being taught out of their creative capacities. Our Mission is to inspire into sensitive practices that allows us to reimagine the future together – developing academic skills but also self-expression, communication, hands-on creativity, respect for diversity, critical thinking and emotional intelligence.

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Our Vision

The future will not be for those who only memorize and take notes – but for those who make the rules, break the patterns and trust their feelings. We want to be a school that allows students to live in a respectful, artistic and creative environment where they are not afraid to be themselves, to express their thoughts and to master their talents.

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Several research studies agree that a school enviroment may be frustrating and even threatening for many students. This is not the kind of experience we want for our learning community. Instead, we think of arts, school, future, dialogue, poetry, innovation, dreams, sensitivity, laughter and feelings as part of the same exciting thing, life.