BC Dogwood Diploma

The BC Graduation Program sets the requirements to exit the K-12 education system with a BC Certificate of Graduation (Dogwood Diploma) and ensures that students are graduating from secondary school as educated citizens, with the knowledge, competencies, and skills they will need to transition successfully into post-secondary education, training, or the workforce. Starting in Grade 10, students start earning credits towards their graduation, which transforms them into educated citizens. It puts equal emphasis on intellectual, human, social, and career development. The learning standards are settled so that students know the big ideas, and concepts and successfully demonstrate them in the area of learning.

To graduate wth a Dogwood Diploma, students need a total of 80 credits (52 from required curses and 28 from elective courses, with at least 16 credits 12 grades). We offer up to 20 elective art/design courses worth 4 credits each.

Our Arts Elective Courses are designed to enhance students artistic skills, explore different art disciplines, and ignite their passion for creativity.

Semester System

We follow a unique academic calendar with four semesters in a year. This means that students have more opportunities to accelerate their education, explore diverse subjects, and achieve their goals faster.

*At least 16 credits must be at the Grade 12 level, including a required Language Arts 12 and Career Life Connections

Semester 1: September (full semester)
4 courses
(approximately 16 credits)

Semester 2: January (full semester)
4 courses
(approximately 16 credits)

Semester 3: May (short semester)
2 courses
(approximately 8 credits)

Summer: July (short semester)
2 courses
(approximately 8 credits)

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Summer School

Everything you need to know

Has your child struggled to keep on-track through all the challenges this school year has delivered? Do they need just a bit more support to solidify the fundamentals? Want them to get a jump on next year’s classes?

  • Summer School Courses

    • English 10,11,12
    • Science 10,11
    • Social Studies 11
    • Math 10,11
    • Art Studio
    • Media Arts
  • Class Times

    • 9am to 12pm
    • 1pm to 4pm
  • Course Fee

    • International: $2,100
    • Domestic: $1,600
  • Summer School Duration

    July 4 to August 12

  • Registration

    To register for a Summer School course, you will require a PEN (Personal Education Number) and birth date. Please ensure you have this information prior to the opening day of registration. The PEN is a unique 9-digit number issued to every student enrolled in a BC school and can be found on each student’s progress report. If you do not have this information, please request it from your home school.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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