About Us

Our School

Canada Royal Arts High School is one of the only Arts-Oriented High Schools in the Vancouver Area, Canada. Our school is offering secondary education for students pursuing a career in the field of Creative Arts.

We are dedicated to providing students with a well-rounded educational experience, thus preparing them for life outside of school. Our intention is to create a safe and open environment where respectful relationships, high achievement, good character, and participation in the school community is valued.

Canada Royal Arts High School is part of Columbia International Education Group, one of Canada’s leading institution in University Planning. Our organization ensures admission in the top Art Universities in North America.

Registered by the British Columbia Ministry of Education

Globally Recognized Dogwood Diploma

Experienced, High-Skilled Professionals and Educators

Small Classrooms for the Best Learning Environment

Our Mission

Our school is dedicated to providing students with the most intensive arts-oriented education available. We emphasize the importance in engaging each student at their own individual level of learning. Consequently, we acknowledge that prioritizing each students’ differentiated needs enables a path to success.

Canada Royal Arts High School aims to inspire and foster the growth of each student through quality instruction, creative educators and experts in their field, as well as close relationships with partnership families.

Our Vision

We strive to be the top arts-oriented high school for creative and ambitious learners. 

Our Values

Our school community values a creative, growth-mindset approach to each and every student. 

At Canada Royal Arts we believe that each student is unique in their own learning strengths and abilities. Therefore, having a creative and adaptable system that differentiates between each students’ learning needs is essential for success.

Secondly, our school fosters a growth-mindset that creates an environment where students are encouraged to learn and improve. Embracing challenges, learning from obstacles, and becoming inspired by the success of others is valued.

Canada Royal Arts High School is a creative and progressive secondary school that values diversity. Our students stem from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. As a result, we strive to create active and responsible leaders in our world community.

Principal's Message

On behalf of all the staff here at Canada Royal Arts High School, welcome! We are glad to have the chance to work with students, parents, and members of the community to create an ideal environment for learning.

At Canada Royal Arts High School, our goal is to nurture each individual’s skills and passions and to provide personalized guidance to students as they embark on their particular path to success. Instruction at our school focuses on the visual arts. We firmly believe in nurturing all facets of student achievement—academic, social, emotional, and physical. Our motto is “Do all things well”, which is why we strive to offer a diverse range of opportunities both within the classroom and outside of it.

In addition, we believe that parents, guardians, and other members of the community are important stakeholders in the education of young people. We are always happy to meet with those who wish to learn about the school and participate in our community. Together, we aim to create a sense of caring, inclusion, and appreciation of different viewpoints.

To all those who wish to join us on the lifelong path of learning, we wish you the best and extend a warm welcome. My door is always open—please feel free to drop by and say hello!